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Thursday, April 30, 2009

P2R2 Day 5 Amazing loss!

Just a quick update. I weighed in this morning at 186 lbs. I was so excited that I weighed myself 3 times. Every time was the same amount. I think that is what I needed after yesterday's weigh in.

Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

P2R2 VLCD Day 4

I suck at eating out. I got stuck at the mall yesterday at lunch time. So I just got some chicken from the food court and it didn't have anything on it ( I thought). So this morning I weighed in at 189 lbs. No gain no loss. It is really hard to be on such a strict diet when you have to eat out. Earlier I was feeling like a failure and was ready to quit. I think it could be my hormones too. TOM must be on the way..Ugh! I am not a quitter. Another thing is that you have to be near a bathroom 24/7. This round seems to be harder than the first. I just have to stay focused and try not to get in the situation where I don't have my food when I am out. Oh well, Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P2R2 VLCD Day 3 (2 lb. loss)

I am so excited! This morning I weighed in at 189 lbs! So I am back down to my starting weight before I loaded. That is 4 lbs!!

I really need to drink more water. I caught a cold from my kids and I am really struggling. I have been trying to ignore my sickness so it will go away but it just keeps hangin' Yesterday I went shopping to get a few things for the warm weather. I picked up a pair of pants that I knew I could not fit until I lost more weight. I brought them home and they fit!!

Anyways, I hope by Sunday I will be back at 183 lbs. We shall see! Until tomorrow.

Monday, April 27, 2009

P2R2 VLCD Day 2

Yesterday I had a little hunger issue. I decided to call Whenhealthmatters to see if they had any idea why I have hunger pangs. I thought that maybe if I switch to injections from sublingual that it would be better for me. I decided that maybe I should stick to what I am doing for now and just space my food out during the day like I did in R1. This morning I weighed in at 191 lbs. for a -2 lb loss. I got on the scale last night before I went to bed and the scale was at 196 lbs. That was definetly water fluctuation. My husband just left to travel for work today. He will be gone for the week. So now I am really happy that I don't have to cook big meals. If I could stay away from food all together that would be great! LOL..

Thanks everyone for the uplifting comments. You all are a great support team! I feel really good about this round.

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

P2R2 VLCD Day 1

Loading was a serious task. My sister and I managed to eat everything we could possibly think of. It made me so sick to eat so much junk. After a weekend of gorging I weighed in at 193 lbs. So that is a 4 lb gain! Hopefully I will be back at my LIW of 183 lbs. by the end of the week. The only reason why I think that would be attainable is that before I began loading I weighed in at 189 lbs. So the 4 lb. gain is just from this weekend.

It feels so good to be back on Hcg. It is amazing how many benefits that it gives me. Right now the pollen count is extremely high in my area. I suffer from the worst allergies and I don't feel a thing. Another great benefit is that my skin clears up and I don't get headaches.

Here's to another great round! Until tomorrow.

Friday, April 24, 2009

P2R2 Loading Day 1

I have been looking forward to this day since I started P3. LOL..This morning I weighed in at 189 lbs. That is +6 lbs more than my LIW of 183. I am hoping to get back to 183 by the end of my first week of P2. I learned alot of tricks and found out what foods help me to lose the maximum amount of weight. I hope to lose at least 20-25 lbs this round. Until tomorrow!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Counting Down...P3 Day 16

I am so done with Phase 3. I am ready to start Friday. This past week I was such a slacker. Since I was not able to work out during my last round, I am having a hard time making it to the gym. (my weight seemed to stall when I exercised) I think I went once or twice this past week. I used to go every weekday before I started Hcg. Yesterday I enjoyed the afternoon in Georgetown with my sister. It was the first day that it didn't rain. I cannot stand Virginia weather. LOL.. I received my email notification that my shipment of Hcg is coming today or Monday for my next round of Phase 2. I have some still left over from the doctor. I decided that I may try this next round on my own. I did find out what worked for me the last round so I know that I will be okay. I have 1 friend starting with me this week and another probably at the EOM. So many people have asked me what I am doing and how I lost so much weight. I don't see the weight loss like everyone else has. My husband was bragging to my neighbor the other day about how good I look and how much I have lost. The funny thing is that he didn't support me when I first started but now that I am losing and keeping it off he became interested. I guess after I have failed at every diet in the past he was a bit skeptic which I can understand. I really don't need any support because I get enough motivation when I see that scale moving south. I hope that everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather if you are in the DC metro area! Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

P3 Day 12

Well, unfortunately I cannot go back on Hcg until next weekend per my doctor & Simeons Protocol. I think I just got ahead of myself. LOL.. Unfortunaely TOM is supposed to show up around that time so that may postpone my next round. I had a steak day yesterday and lost 4 lbs. I am assuming 2 lbs of it was water. I am now at 186 lbs. I ate horribly this past week on vacation. I am paying for it now. I am back at the gym which felt great. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

P3 Day 9

Well I am back from vacation and I am weighing in at 185 lbs. Even though it is only 2 lbs over my LIW I think it is ok. I am probably going to do a steak day on Monday. This whole week was very interesting. I pretty much ate what I wanted but that did come with consequences. I got horribly sick the other night. I think I just ate too much meat and it didn't agree with me. The funny thing too is that I also got a little sick every time I ate bread. Hmm... I may be allergic so I am going to cut that out of my diet. Last night I went to a Girl's Night Out. It was fun. I really could not eat too much but I did have a piece of cheesecake. I know it is bad but it was soooo good! LOL

I had a conversation with my lovely sister and we are really done with P3. Since my body seems to have changed and rejecting most of the foods I used to love so much I am ready to go on to round 2 of Phase 2. She feels the same way. I think it is just the excitement to be able to loose the weight that has got us both feeling so "done". So with all that said we will begin P2R2 next weekend. We are waiting for the 2 weeks to be able to load and go another round.

Happy Easter everyone! Be safe!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

P3 Day 8

I am on vacation this week but I wanted to post a quick blog. I weighed in at 183 lbs this morning so I am holding steady at that weight. I did gain 3 lbs a few days ago but I lost that quickly. I will be home vacation on Monday.

Thanks to my fellow blogger Shawn I will be able to continue using Hcg after my next round. Thank you Shawn!

Friday, April 3, 2009

P3 Day 2

This morning I weighed in at 183 lbs. TOM is now gone and I am doing so well on Phase 3. It was so exciting to be able to go out and be able to eat. This weekend will be fun and full of activities. Next week is Spring Break for my oldest and we are going away with family. I probably won't be able to blog too much next week. I am really looking forward to my 2nd round of P2 at the end of the month. Have a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

P3 Day 1

This morning I weighed in at 185 lbs. TOM is almost gone so I think I may weigh a little less in a few days. I am not hungry and I don't know if it is good or bad. This morning I plan to eat eggs with veggies. I am really looking forward to the foods in P3. I know there were several questions on my last blog I posted and I will try to give a better explanation of what I am doing. My doctor informed me that you will not become immune from Hcg if you use it orally. He has tested the Hcg himself and found that to be the case. As far as the 6 wk waiting period that is only if you do the injections. I decided to take 3 weeks due to my event schedule for this upcoming month. Between holidays and family functions I didn't want to feel too restricted with my food intake.

I also wanted to share that a friend decided to join my sister and I for the next round. I have told quite a few people about the Hcg Protocol and several people commented that they didn't think it was possible to eat so little food and not be hungry. It is amazing what excuses people say to stay unhappy and overweight. I honestly believe that you really have to be motivated to do this program.

If anyone still has questions you can email me at I will post my measurements as soon as TOM leaves. He is such a Until then!